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Tapestries are no longer as commonly used for decorative effect as they used to be. This is regrettable because, as the medieval Europeans certainly knew, a good tapestry can be as detailed and vivacious as an oil painting or a sculpture. Nowadays, if you want to find beautiful tapestries you have to go to a museum--and you may feel that you will never have the opportunity to hang one in your home or office.

However, the truth is that although tapestries are certainly not as common anymore, they are still lovingly and passionately produced and reproduced. The artists here at Museum Replicas, for example, have a long and storied track record behind them of having recreated some of the most masterful tapestries of the past several hundred years. These successes show how skilled they are in the medium and how close they are able to come to the vision of the original artists and artisans.

Let's look at an example of this. "The Unicorn Defends Itself" is a beautiful example of all that is best in medieval tapestry art: it has bold colors, is extremely detailed, and seems to tell a dynamic story--as the best dramatic poems, books and paintings do. At six feet by six feet in size, it was no small task--especially since, like all of the tapestries produced here at Museum Replicas, it is hand made.

This tapestry is only one of the many that we have successfully reproduced. If you're interested in seeing others, you can explore our website, www.museum-replicas.com. We work on commission, producing original or reproduced art as the customer desires. Interested parties should email us at [email protected] or phone 517-775-4647.