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A skilled interior decorator can make any home, office or business a welcoming, beautiful retreat. But beyond furniture and color schemes, a great work of art can truly define a room and make it a showcase of great taste. At Museum Replicas, we specialize in creating both reproductions and new pieces of artwork prized by interior decorators--and anyone who has a yen for beauty. We specialize in producing made-to-order replicas of all types and styles of art, from marble sculptures to bronze and even oil paintings.

Each piece of new or recreated art here at Museum Replicas is treated just the way a work of art should be: with passion and care. In the case of reproductions, our artists study their subject's style and history in depth. After a period of almost meditative familiarization, they are ready to proceed.

The results are amazing. For evidence of this, simply look at some of our past successes. Our online gallery (www.museum-replicas.com) is filled with marvelous pieces, such as a reproduction of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss." This large (24" x 36") painting is a visually encyclopedic work that draws on the accumulated styles of centuries of Western art. That the artists here at Museum Replicas could conjure up the original's spirit so successfully is an artistic event in and of itself.

Our organization is a network of independent artists who are equally comfortable supplying small orders (say, for an individual piece) or larger ones (a whole room's worth of paintings). In the past, we have worked in mediums including bronze, wood, glass, marble and oil. If you're interested in learning more about us, we can be contacted at 517-775-4647 or online at [email protected].