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To replicate greatness might seem impossible--and indeed, few have succeeded at it in the past. This is why here at Museum Replicas, we don't really try to replicate great original art at all: rather, we try to recreate it. What might seem at first to be only a slight difference between the two words becomes quite significant when you examine and compare finished products that have been created by means of the two different processes.

Look at the replica and what do you have: a photocopy. Look at the recreation on the other hand, and it's not a copy at all but more a work of art in its own right. The difference in method is also immense: a simple copyist merely attempts to get surface similarities down, while the true artist aims to convey the original's spirit and essential vitality.

Look, for example, at the "Self Portrait of Cezanne" created here at Museum Replicas. Considering the delicacy of Cezanne's style and the intimacy of the subject, you'd think the task of reproduction an impossible one. But the "copy" thus produced is practically indistinguishable from the work that inspired it.

In addition to oil paintings, the artists employed here at Museum Replicas have had equal success in recreating objets d'art in marble, bronze, glass, and wood. We guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction, no matter how difficult the job. Interested customers can contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 517-775-4647.