Re-creations of the masters' works.
The idea for Museum Replicas was conceived almost 25 years ago as part of my passion for art and antiques. The plan was to create a company that specialized in re-creating detailed masterpieces using the same techniques once employed by the original artists, all the while making these amazing re-creations available to anybody looking to add a work of art to their home or business.

Our amazingly talented artists, in Europe and elsewhere, create not only the look but also the feel of these beautiful original works of art. They can replicate any painting, sculpture, tapestry, vases, Byzantine icon, Byzantine Mosaic, garden statue, or marble statue requested and can also do a custom art project for something more personal.

Talented artists re-creating the finest in Byzantine Mosaic and garden statue.
Today, Museum Replicas is one of the finest names in home decorating. We are recognized throughout the country as an exceptional source for those interior decorators looking to add a unique touch.

Our clients range from private individuals who commission a custom art project for their estates to businesses, large corporations and institutions that want something to distinguish themselves from others, and churches who want to reclaim the elegance of times gone by.

Corporate art and custom art project to fit the needs of your home or business.
We have built up an excellent reputation with our exclusive clientèle, designers, architects and large corporate businesses throughout the world. We enjoy long-term relationships with our loyal clientèle, and continue to offer a tradition of excellence and craftsmanship that is unparalleled by anybody else in the industry. We hope that you'll agree.


Maria Tindemans