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Decorating your home in style and luxury means not only finding the right furniture, paint scheme, and carpeting for it, but also providing it with beautiful and stylish works of art. Sometimes this means finding new art, and sometimes it means acquiring first-rate reproductions that lend your home some of the elegance of past ages. No matter which of these is your object in home decorating, the artists here at Museum Replicas can help you.

The individual artists that we employ at Museum Replicas are capable, diligent, and supremely talented. All of them are artists in their own right, and all of them have impressive records of original and reproduced art to their credit. As a company, we are also experienced at coordinating separate works of art to accommodate a single design scheme, such as you might have in a home or office building.

The list of our past successes is long and impressive. For example, a famous oil painting like Edgar Degas's "Race Horses" has been skillfully reproduced, as you can see at our online gallery (www.museum-replicas.com). This painting's size and unique color scheme may seem inimitable to the untrained eye, but with Museum Replicas, anything is possible.

Paintings aren't the only thing we are capable of reproducing. We are also adept at creating architectural art and reproductions in bronze, glass, wood, marble, and many other materials. People looking for original art will find that we can also produce startling new art. Curious customers can contact us at 517-775-4647 or at [email protected].