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Man's religious impulse has expressed itself in many forms over the centuries. One of the most pleasant expressions has been in pictoral and sculptural art. Countless examples of masterworks in this vein exist all over the world in private collections and museums. Now, with the help of the high-quality artists here at Museum Replicas, you can own your own examples of this illustrious art genre.

One might think it difficult to reproduce something that was created, as most religious artwork is, in such a spiritual state. It is difficult--but the professional, highly trained, talented artists employed here at Museum Replicas have had significant successes in the attempt. Our process involves a large amount of research, training, and--in the end--simple skill.

The results speak for themselves, as any visitors to our online gallery (at www.museum-replicas.com) can see for themselves. Take, for example, the picture called "Christ Blessing." In order to achieve the desired effect, the creator of this piece had to specially prepare the wood involved and then master the difficult combination of egg tempera method and 24k gold leaf used traditionally by ancient artisans.

Here at Museum Replicas, we hire a set studio of excellent artists on commission. We have a huge amount of experience recreating religious art--as can be seen by the amount of excellent statues in our catalog. We also produce a variety of non-religious pieces, architectural art and original art. We can be contacted at [email protected] or 517-775-4647.