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The word "Renaissance" means "rebirth" in Italian--and indeed the period we commonly call The Renaissance was a true rebirth of classical European beauty. Rather than simply remaining a closed period of heightened activity, however, the Renaissance--and the works created during it--has remained one of the true touchstones of Western culture. To many artists and art-lovers alike, it has truly been a gift that keeps on giving.

In the original spirit of the Renaissance, we here at Museum Replicas have successfully achieved various rebirths of our own. Our excellent studio of hand-picked professional artists specializes in recreating some of the most glorious art of the past--including many pieces of Renaissance art. Through research, craft, and pure talent, we have recreated many of the era's most powerful pieces.

Take Sandro Botticelli's "La Primavera," for example. A truly characteristic work of the time, this humanistic masterpiece continues to move us over five hundred years after its creation. With its soft colors and strange, almost hypnotic movement, it is a perfect piece to bring a little bit of Renaissance joy into your home or office building.

Many other Renaissance-era works have been successfully reproduced here at Museum Replicas, including architectural art, carvings in wood, and sculptures in glass, stone, marble, and bronze. Our artists have also recreated works from other eras--and we are equally adept at producing original art on request. Those interested in inquiring further should contact [email protected] or 517-775-4647.