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Experienced decorators understand that nothing holds a room together like an excellent piece of art. Putting aside all questions of beauty, an ingenious reproduction or original piece can turn an otherwise unexceptional space into a haven. The key is to find a source for those works that are aesthetically pleasing and that fit the desires and specifications of the home, office, or garden.

With our battery of professional artists, at Museum Replicas, we provide that source. Whether you're looking for an original piece of architectural art or a recreation of one of your favorite masterpieces, we are dedicated to providing an excellent piece that will exactly fit your desires. That's because we are more than just a company--we're a pipeline, connecting our customers with some of today's most talented and accomplished artists.

When it comes to reproductions, we follow a strict process of immersion in the original artist's materials, processes, and mindset. If you're looking for a beautiful Greek red figure vase, we spend long weeks working on your vase in a way that approximates, as best as possible, the way it would have been done in ancient Greece. In this way, we try and ensure not just a reproduction, but a recreation of the original piece.

You can also commission us to create original pieces of art. These pieces can include family or individual portraits, sculptures, family crests, pictures of company members, or even animals. No matter what the subject, the artists here at Museum Replicas put all their skill towards realizing it. We can be contacted at 517-775-4647 or by email at [email protected].