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The best art is a unique fusion of originality and tradition. Masters and apprentices alike spend years and even decades honing their craft to be better able to add to the vast collection of beauty that is the Western tradition's visual inheritance. And though the process of high-quality replication is certainly different, it too requires an impressive amount of discipline and work.

What makes a piece "collectible art" will of course differ from person to person. Artwork from the great masters has been treasured for centuries. At Museum Replicas, we oftentimes have clients come to us that feel a deep affinity for particular pieces. It is our pleasure to recreate the look, feel, and emotions inspired by collectible art so that others can appreciate it in their homes and offices. Our artists are true masters in their own right and dedicate themselves to both reproductions and original collectible art.

Skeptics who want to see for themselves what kind of results our artists produce are free to do so. Our past successes are legion: one example is the famous "Lady with the Unicorn" tapestry, originally created in the southern Netherlands around 1500 AD. An iconic piece of medieval art, this piece comes to life in its Museum Replicas duplication.

The artists here at Museum Replicas are equally adept at producing marble, bronze, wood, and glass pieces--not to mention paintings of all kinds. They are committed to capturing the spirit and essence of the original piece, no matter how difficult that is. If any of this sounds appealing, or if you would like to experience our online gallery, explore our website (www.museum-replicas.com). You may also contact us by e-mail at [email protected].