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Bronze is generally known as a difficult medium: softer than steel, yet harder than a medium like aluminum, it must be slowly worked into life under watchful eyes. Bronze sculptures, therefore, tend to be labors of love. With the amount of time and care that goes into them--and the durability of the completed work--it's no wonder that many decorators, designers, and home and office owners have fixed on bronze over the years as the material of choice when it comes to interior and exterior statues.

Museum Replicas is an art reproduction studio that offers a variety of different bronze sculptors to its customers. Our team of highly individual, extremely talented artists work mostly on commission, producing high-level reproductions or original works depending on the client's specifications. The resulting artwork has been universally hailed for its style and vigor--not to mention the close kinship it achieves to the original artwork.

A simple example from our catalog will suffice to demonstrate the high level of our art. Donatello's "David" is one of the central works in the Western canon; its delicate lines and sensuous form pose a real challenge to any potential imitators. That's why, when attempting to follow Donatello's lead, the artist in question did not attempt to imitate, but rather recreate. The result is a work of art in its own right.

At Museum Replicas, we are capable of handling orders of any size, no matter how large or how diverse the individual works included. We also produce paintings of all styles and sizes, architectural art, and sculptures in other materials. We can be contacted at 517-775-4647 or by email at [email protected].