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Degas Little Dancer

Edgar Degas's "The Little Dancer of Fourteen" was the only work of his exhibited in his lifetime. Since its original showing, it has earned a huge and almost universal appeal among museum-goers and art fans everywhere. More than a hundred years after its creator's death, it continues to attract with its incredible, almost Mozart-like combination of sweetness and depth--a combination achieved by few works in this, the last, or any century.

Fans of "The Little Dancer" may rightly despair of its limitation to museums and private collections. However, there is another way for them to experience the joy of one of modern art's greatest treasures: through the unique artistry here at Museum Replicas. With our select handful of talented and dedicated artists, we have carved out a serious reputation among design connoisseurs by providing first-class reproductions and original paintings and sculptures of all kinds.

To commission a reproduction of "The Little Dancer," one can simply contact us here at Museum Replicas. One of our artists then studies the sculpture in detail to thoroughly internalize Degas's original vision. From there, many hours are spent making a clay model, which is then used to create a mold to cast the new sculpture. The artist then adds the finishing touches--such as a patina--to produce a recreation that is as close to the original as possible.

The rest, as they say, is pure art. If you're interested in looking at concrete results, simply visit our online gallery here on our site. Any further questions can be directed to 517-775-4647 or (by email) [email protected].