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More and more these days, serious interior decorators are turning to high-quality reproductions and works of original art to complement their design schemes. The reason for this is a secret well-known by past centuries--namely, that a great work of art, no matter what its size, can turn an ordinary room into a haven of taste and beauty. To accomplish this, however, it is imperative that the art in question be of the highest level.

Art like this can only be found in the right places--here, for example, at Museum Replicas. Museum Replicas is essentially a collection of extremely gifted artists who have committed themselves to providing interested parties with highly compelling works of art. We work on commission and are equally capable of producing reproductions and new art.

Recent pieces created and recreated here at Museum Replicas bear out this description. Take, for example, the carved bed frame, called simply "Dream," by the French artist George Lacombe. Fans of the original will be startled to see that our artists have done what some might call the impossible: created, from the design of the original work, a fantastic piece that wholly captures Lacombe's spirit and vision. The resulting bed frame might be called (as the writer Vladimir Nabokov once described a poem by Pushkin) "A dream within a dream."

Such dreams are the things that great art is made of. Our website, at www.museum-replicas.com, shows many other examples of our craft and skill. If you have any other questions about our methods, you can contact us at 517-775-4647 or by email at [email protected].