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What is a masterpiece? Some say that all depends on context and hype, while others respond that there's no real criteria, you just know one when you see one. Whatever your standards, the consensus seems to be that masterpieces are rare. In fact, they're so rare that almost all paintings and sculptures that have earned the right to be called "masterpieces" are in museums.

Since our founding, we at Museum Replicas have been out to change this state of affairs. Our group of highly talented artists specializes in recreating masterpieces to such a faithful and accurate degree that only an expert would know the difference. With our help, hundreds of people have been able to experience both new and recreated masterpieces of art and architectural art right in their own homes.

It's hard to overstate the amount of time and effort that goes into this process. Just looking at one of our past successes--such as the teakwood "The Last Supper," whose original can be found in the Church of Sankt Jakob in Rothenburg. The fidelity of this transfer is astounding--when you look at the delicacy of the figures involved and the surety of the lines, you're apt to forget that you're looking at a reproduction at all!

Here at Museum Replicas, this is the reaction that the artists strive to accomplish. Though we recognize that our copies cannot, in many cases, attain the mastery of the original, we know that they can very, very closely approximate it. We also have experience producing new works of art to order and are equally comfortable doing so. Curious customers can contact us at 517-775-4647 or online at [email protected].