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The poet John Keats famously said that "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." This sentiment exactly reflects the views of the artists and artisans here at Museum Replicas. It is because of this devotion to beauty that the works of art we create manage to achieve such an original vision, whether they are conceived ostensibly as reproductions or as new works.

Museum Replicas is an art reproduction studio that has a lot of experience working with businesses, homeowners, and designers. Our focus is on trying to fit individual works or groups of works to an equally individual setting. We work mostly on commission, tailoring our pieces to suit, as best we can, our clients' needs. This kind of explanation might make it sound like we are a "team organization"--but really, we're more of an artists' collective, dedicated to bringing beautiful works into the world.

Our success in this line is easily judged: simply look at some of our already-created works and decide for yourself. To take a recently completed example, the "Crown of Flowers," originally by the French artist William Bouguereau, has been recreated almost a hundred years after the artist's death. Its lovingly intimate picture of two sisters is completely charming and achieves a surprising level of depth and sympathy for a "reproduction."

"Crown of Flowers" is only one of the many striking examples of creative original art produced here at Museum Replicas. Fans of classic or modern oil paintings, tapestries, wood carvings, and sculptures can be equally accommodated no matter what their requests. Prices are reasonable, and the customer's satisfaction is considered paramount. We can be contacted at 517-775-4647 or by email at [email protected].