Greek Pyxis Vases for Sale

People think about ancient Greece, they commonly think about the birth of democracy, Greek gods, and the birth of the Olympics. On the other hand, Greek art and craftsmanship is also something that continues to be admired to this day. One of the most important parts of Greek artwork involves pottery. If you are looking for a unique, stylish way to decorate your home or office, then consider putting Greek pottery to work for you. That is where we can help you. All we are Museum Replicas, and we provide Greek pyxis vessels for sale. Learn more about this beautiful vessel below!

Greek Pyxis

When people talk about a Greek pyxis vessel, they are commonly talking about a cylindrical vessel from the ancient world. Furthermore, this vessel usually comes with a separate lid as well. The lake was commonly made from strong materials and this vessel could be used to hold a wide variety of jewelry, makeup, and other cosmetics. As Greek culture continued to progress, the vessel continues to become wider and flatter. Therefore, it is possible to date a Greek pyxis vessel based on its size and style.

One of the most important parts of this vessel is the iconography that was on it. Depending on the person who possessed the vessel, the iconography would vary. In some situations, the iconography would depict amazing feats of human athleticism. In other situations, the iconography would be used to tell a story. The painting and craftsmanship are incredibly impressive when looking at an authentic Greek pyxis vessel. If you would like to display one of these beautiful vessels in your home or office, then we are here to help you accomplish that goal.

High-Quality and Authentically Crafted Replicas

Greek craftsmanship is something that continues to be admired even to this day. If you would like to display one of these amazing works of art, we can help you. At Museum Replicas, we seek to use the same tools and techniques that were used during ancient times. We have worked hard to figure out a way to produce the most authentic replicas available. Furthermore, we have also expanded the range of products and services that we provide. We would be happy to show you what we can do. To learn more about the Greek pyxis vessels that we provide, please contact us today to speak with our team!

Pyxis wares were used predominately by women as vessels to hold their cosmetics, trinkets and/or jewelry (as well as other small prized and valuable possessions).  These small jewelry boxes of sorts featured a large heavy base, a circular body, and its own lid.  The squat nature of the base made them sturdy and got rid of the possibility of the jar tipping over and smashing its contents, which was often a problem for ceramic pieces at the time.  Pyxis jars were decorated with images of marriage processions, starting at the house of a young girl and ending with the house of her new husband.

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