Greek Lekythos Vases for Sale

Greek culture dates back thousands of years and includes many hallmarks of society that persist to this day. This includes the birth of democracy, the development of the Olympics, and even numerous works of art. When it comes to Greek pottery, there are numerous vessels that people still love even to this day. One primary example is the Greek Lekythos. At Museum Replicas, we are proud of the beautiful products that we provide. We tried to provide you with access to the best Greek replicas possible and this includes the Greek Lekythos. Learn more about this vessel below!

Greek Lekythos

The Greek Lekythos is a specific type of vessel that was used for storing oil. In particular, many people have associated the Greek Lekythos with olive oil. The Greek Lekythos is marked by a long, slender, narrow body. There is also one handle that is usually attached to the neck of the vessel. As a result, the Greek Lekythos is usually described as a jug. Furthermore, it does not feature a lip that is usually designed to help the pouring process.

There are multiple types of Greek Lekythos vessels. For example, the cylindrical type is the most common. The sides of the body are usually vertical. Then, there is a sharp shift in the direction of the neck as it curves inward. Usually, the base is flat, allowing it to balance with ease. Numerous varieties of the Greek Lekythos have been uncovered as well. This vessel has been associated with vase painting, specific techniques, funerary rites, and many other purposes.

This means that you have plenty of freedom when it comes to this specific type of Greek Lekythos that you would like. That is where our team can help you. We are here to help you find the perfect Greek Lekythos for your decorating purposes.

High-Quality and Authentically Crafted Replicas

If you are looking for Greek pottery authentic replicas, then look no further than Museum Replicas. At Museum Replicas, we strive to provide you with the perfect Greek replicas. We have worked hard to study ancient tools and techniques to increase the quality of our replicas. This includes the Greek Lekythos. If you are interested in learning more about the Greek Lekythos vessels that we have for sale, please give us a call today to speak with a member of our team! We would be honored to help you.

This is an oil bottle. The name Lekythos is used conventionally to describe a pot that has a tall and squat shape, a foot, a single vertical handle, a narrow neck, and a small mouth.

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