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Greek Kylix

The kylix was a cup or goblet from which people used to drink, specifically wine. This cup usually has a broad, shallow body along with a raised stem. Additionally, this piece usually also has a base that serves to balance the piece. On most kylices, there are also two horizontal handles that are placed symmetrically. Even though there were times when people use a Greek kylix to drink water and other flavored beverages, it was most commonly used to drink wine. Specifically, many families would break out the kylices at feasts and celebrations.

The decoration on these drinking vessels was extremely meticulous, increasing their beauty. One special detail of these vessels was that the artist would place a special image or intricate design on the inside of the vessel, at the bottom. This way, when they finished their wine, they could see the image on the bottom, which would serve as a source of entertainment.

High-Quality and Authentically Crafted Replicas

If you would like to decorate your home or office with Ancient Greek art, then you need to make sure that you find a quality replica to display. At Museum Replicas, we have spent the time researching the methods through which these pieces were created. With this knowledge, we use exact same materials and methods to handcraft each piece, ensuring that our replicas are as accurate as possible. This dedication has made us one of the leading names in the ancient replica industry. Contact us today to learn more about the replicas that we can provide!

The Kylix was a drinking vessel used to drink water or wine. When the Greeks copied drinking vessels from the orient, they added handles and a base. The handles were held when drinking, the base when toasting. The Kylix had an image painted in the bottom (often erotic) so as the drinker empted the vessel, the image would be revealed. It was also used in a game called kottabos where the wine residue was tossed from it to a target.

The Psykter was used to hold wine during the festivities. It was placed inside a Krater filled with ice or snow to keep the wine cool. Servants would ladle wine out of the Psykter and pour it into a Kylix.

The Greek playwright Euboulos listed Dionysus’ rules for proper drinking at a Symposium:

For sensible men I prepare three Kraters: one for health, one for love
and pleasure, and the third for sleep.

After the third one is drained, wise men go home.

The fourth Krater is not mine because it belongs to bad behavior.

The fifth is for shouting, the sixth for rudeness and insults, the seventh
for fights,

The eighth is for breaking the furniture, the ninth for depression,

And the tenth for madness and unconsciousness.


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