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If you are looking for a unique, stylish decoration for your home or office, then consider going with ancient Greek pottery. There's nothing that is quite as sophisticated, beautiful, or on firing as the classics. That is where ancient Greek pottery comes into play. Similar to modern pottery and craftsmanship, there are multiple types of Greek pottery available. One option is something called ancient Greek funerary vases. Learn more about ancient Greek funerary vases below! Then, learn more about how we can help you find high-quality, authentically crafted replicas that you can display in your home or office!

Greek Funerary

Ancient Greek funerary vases are decorative markers that were commonly used in ancient Greece. It was not unusual to see these vessels adorned ancient gravesites as a marker of a member of the elite. Similar to how gravestones today range in size and style, ancient Greek funerary vases also ranged wildly in size and style. Some of the most common ancient Greek funerary vessels that were used include amphorae, kylix cups, and kraters.

In addition, these vases were also painted with various scenes, styles, and markers. For example, some people might have painted an ancient Greek funerary vase with a scene that mattered to the individual who was lying underneath the gravestone. In other situations, these vases were simply painted with iconography that mattered to the individual placing the vase on the stone. Because they say ancient Greek funerary vases range so widely and their sizes and styles, there is also a lot of freedom for you if you were looking for an ancient Greek funerary vase for decorative purposes. That is where we can help you.

High-Quality and Authentically Crafted Replicas

If you are looking for crafted replicas of ancient Greek funerary basis, then look no further than Museum Replicas. At Museum Replicas, we provide you with access to actual, historic vessels that had been replicated using the same tools, techniques, and craftsmanship that were employed during ancient Greek times. We are able to ride a wide variety of vases including red figure vases, black figure vases, and white ground vases. Therefore, we are confident that we have something that can meet your needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please give us a call today to learn more about our products and services! We look forward to hearing from you.

Geometric Period

Very typical of this period were large funerary vases designed to hold votive offerings. The decoration consisted primarily of abstract forms arranged in registers that surrounded the vase. The artists emphasized flat patterns and outline shapes that represented human forms in various poses of anguish, that repeated themselves around the vase.

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Dipylon Amphora
Price: $1,497.00
Price: $1,497.00