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    Sleeping Satyr - Barberini

    Sleeping Satyr - Barberini

    Drunken Satyr or Barberini Faun

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    Sleeping Satyr - Barberini


    Replica of the Barberini Faun, by Bouchardon

    Original by Barberini: Drunken  Satyr.

    A Satyr with animal-skin cloak reclines sleeping on a rock.

    Staatliche Antiksammlungen und Glyptotech, Munich, Germany

    Marble Height: 1.92 metres

    Found in the Mausoleum of Hadrian, Rome Original / Copy: Roman copy of Greek statue.

    Heavily restored by Bernini in the C17th.

    All marble sculptures are custom made one sculpture at a time.

    The artist always starts with a clay model.


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